As a project toward human capacity development of African children for the development of the continent, the Association of African Students Estonia will be launching a project tagged: ‘Project Harida (Harida means ‘to educate’ in Estonian). This is aimed at giving the children technical secondary education. For partnership, kindly reach out to us via email at president@aaseesti.com; aaseexcos@gmail.com #auc #aase #eucommission #eesti #education


    Nature has an intrinsically fantastic character called diversity. Diversity is the spice of life.  From variations in DNA compositions to genetic variations, down to species and community differences, each entity has a unique place and is indispensable in its adaptation and reproduction. Thus, each individual performs an irrevocable task significant for the sustainability of life. Although this sounds like some psychological phenomenon or some scientifically oriented, hypothesis, however, it has been carefully selected as a prologue to address a deep reflection that will subsequently follow. There is a danger in judging a book by its cover and a more intense danger in relying on and propagating a single story. Covers…