Exploits of African Students

Association of African Students, Estonia (AASE) was conceived in early 2015 and birthed into existence in the last quarter of the same year. AASE offers a practical support network for African students in Estonia and helps them adapt to life and studies in the country. Furthermore, the organization seeks to establish a positive image of Africans and ensure that each one is well represented in Estonia.  As AASE grew in strength, official and legal recognition became imperative. This led the leadership to intensify efforts on registering the organisation. The vision became a reality in January 2016 as AASE was fully registered as a legal association in Estonia. Prior to the registration, an African week celebration was held in the first half of 2015, and it was arguably the biggest event ever held by any student association in this locality. Needless to say, it was a great success.

Now that the association is officially registered and well recognized in Estonia and all its higher institutions of learning, AASE will be hosting her maiden edition of African Students Week in an electrifying and exhilarating manner, with the Estonian President (Toomas Hendrik Ilves) and parliament members in attendance – a huge milestone in such a short period of time.

The maiden edition of this event (under AASE) will be unfolding as a 3-day package; from the 5th – 7th of May 2016. You can’t afford to miss it. Register your presence here

Event Schedule

Thursday 5th of May (Tallinn University of Technology Room NRG 226 ) 10 am to 12pm 

1) Cultural adaptation in Estonia: practical tips
2) Estonia and internationalization :what are the expectations for African students
3) Estonian educational system and foreign students
4) How to tap into the potential of Africans in Estonia (UK as a case study)

Friday 6th of May (Tallinn University) 7pm to 10pm

1) Music and entertainment (African music, Dance and cultural display etc)
2) Exhibition (Food , Artefacts and culture)

Saturday 7th May (Venue: Kalevi stadium) 4pm

1) Football Match between AASE and Estonia parliament & Tallinn City government
2) Interactive session

Here is a short clip from African Students Week of 2015 organized by Tallinn University of Technology. African Student Week 2016 is going to be Bigger and Better. Don’t miss it

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