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Today, I thought about sharing a more simple tool that helps correct simple English grammar but changed my mind. Let’s discuss more sophisticated tools instead. However, there are tons of tools out there to help out with grammar checks and proofreading such as Grammarly. Grammarly is free but also has the paid versions. I mostly use the free version for my proofreading but if you have the money then you can subscribe to the paid version or simply go further by buying StyleWriter. StyleWriter is more sophisticated and will require some dedicated effort to master.

So, back to our today’s tool.

Rule (tool) number 2: Go DTSearch

Wallahi, you don’t want to read more than 5 journals just to publish one article or research paper. Although many researchers suggest reading a minimum of 10 journals for one publication. But seriously!? who reads 10 journals when you have 2 jobs and studies to meet up?

DTSearch desktop evaluation tool solves this problem for you. It combs through the tons of journals designated on your computer. It summarizes and presents them in an order that is easy to understand.

It is a paid tool but I highly recommend it for everyone.

Best of luck with it pals.

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