Mind mapping and Summarization tool {Academic Writing}

As promised, today’s tools are something many are familiar with: mind mapping and summarization tool.

The easier one is mind mapping tool. So let’s start from that one. However, my apology for the lateness in making this post.

There are so many mind map tools out there but I’ll recommend Mindmeister. This tool helps to create a graphical view of your research (process). Also, another good thing about the tool is that it’s cloud-based. Which means you can share it with your friends or lecturer. More than one person (student/researcher) can equally work on one presentation simultaneously on the cloud. In addition, your presentation can be animated. Thus making this tool a multipurpose tool.

The summarization tool that I’ll recommend might surprise you, though. Of course, it’s not smmry.com and it’s certainly not FreeSummarizer . It is ‪#‎drumsRolling‬

Rule (tool) number 5: Go Microsoft AutoSummarize.

This is one tool that will surprise you. Although it’s an old tool that’s embedded within all Microsoft product (activated) since Word 2007. However, you’ll have to activate it for it to function. Else, it’ll remain dormant in there. It’s a very sophisticated tool that helps you summarize any Word document.

Try it today and enjoy!

Here is a link that shows you how to activate this feature. (Click here Example)

Remain blessed pals.

imagecredit: www.examtime.com

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